We are professional software developers with over twenty years’ experience

who we are

SanComp is an innovative software development company helping businesses and communities use information technology more resourcefully. We capture diverse IT needs within your organization and achieve inspiring results. This helps your employees to be more productive and efficient on what they do best, which saves your company time and money.

As professional software developers with over twenty years’ experience, we’re committed to providing you with an environment based on honesty, integrity, and high ethical standards. We take the time to understand your work history and your professional IT needs, and then assist you with accomplishing your company’s mission.

what we do

We have worked for large and small firms helping clients with the latest technology and also comply with legislation that impacts their businesses. We’ve designed systems and software to improve their data flow to various places while maintaining a high standard for policies and procedures.

We discovered the passion for business process improvement in accounting, inventory, contracts, and healthcare applications. We truly enjoy the special bond created between our people and your people, which develops over time along with your projects. We look forward to speaking with you about your company needs regarding building the customized software applications that will help your company thrive.

why choose us

We follow very easy and simple methodology to minimize project risk, which cuts down on development time. We will not take any project if we can’t dedicate resources efficiently and effectively. We provide the service of “objective needs assessment” by carefully determining appropriate software needs for your situation.

SanComp strives to provide consulting and customized software solutions that meet the real needs of small and mid-size firms worldwide. We are an employee-friendly company aiming for high levels of integrity, trust, and professional satisfaction.

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